Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Thursday March 26, 2009 was the Pinewood Derby
race in our ward for Cub Scouts. Guess who won?
Yep, Danson (and Dad of course). This was
Danson's second year to participate in the Pinewood
Derby. He was a little more excited to do it last year.
In fact he wasn't even going to do it this year and
then less than two days before the race he decided
he wanted to when some friends of ours, the Brown's,
came over to work on theirs. Now the race was
Thursday evening, but the final weigh in was Wednesday
evening and you had to leave your car with them that
night, Wednesday, so you couldn't make any changes
to it before the race (illegal changes that is). So I wasn't
there, but apparently they made a pretty fast car in
less than two days. Way to go guys, congratulations.
Next year both Danson and Tyler will be racing in it.

First Place! Good Job.

Oh yeah and little brother Joey was there to
cheer on his big brother. (Tyler was in trouble so
he didn't get to go, bummer! And Alyssa was home sick, so mom stayed home with those two.)


  1. i never new how crazy pinewood derby gets. i'm a cub scout leader so i got to experience it thursday for our stake. it's pretty interesting!

  2. Why does this not surprise me? Really I would probably be more surprised if Danny (let's be honest, it was Danny's car not Danson's) hadn't won. He's good at that stuff. And Jodee I love the picture in your header. You are such a good blogger. Teach Danny before that baby comes so that he can put some pictures up right away.

  3. YAY!!! You have a blog!! Super cute.

    Dan -- I mean Danson -- looked pretty proud!!!

    Let us know when that baby arrives!

  4. Okay--so let us know when baby is finally HERE! Welcome to the world of blogging! You're awesome!

  5. I wouldn't expect anything less!